"A la carte" Menu

This “à la carte” menu is composed with seasonal tastes and products. Our team is always innovating and creating new flavour associations based on authentic products.

Taxes and service included. French origin meat.


Foie gras

Composition around the idea of an onion soup,

sage, burned onions, light broth with garden spices.

20 €

Edible crabs Cannelloni with coriander and fine granny jelly,

Matcha tea emulsion and salad from the garden.

25 €

Foie gras scallop fried then lacquered with yuzu and soy sauce,
“Dashi” broth, ravioli of celery, enoki, foie gras emulsion,
puff pastry with seeweeds.

32 €

Our card is renewed regularly

Our dishes may change regularly depending on fresh food supplies

Main Dishes


Sea Side

Sturgeon with Beluga caviar lentils on a fine zests Royale,

Vandouvan spices velvet.

25 €

Rare grilled scallops from our shores on a semolina of multicolored cauliflowers,
watercress broth.

30 €

Carte Huitrier Pie : chevreuil

Land Side

Pork loin from Mrs Vergnas house, parsnips in multiple textures

with Mount Ventoux honey, Sansho berries juice.

30 €

Roasted tender Bresse chicken breast, Wakame powdered salsify,

orange ice with Phu Quoc pepper, fowl juice with Tokushima.

35 €

Tender pigeon supreme roasted on his Périgord nutshells,

giblets tartlet on a beetroot Chartreuse,

spiked fowl juice.

Half pigeon : 35 € – pigeon : 50 €

To delight refined palates

Our selection of desserts to finish your meal smoothly.


Carte Huitrier Pie : fromages


Assortment of three cheeses ripened by Xavier Thuret MOF 2007,

side dish and arugula sorbet.

10 €

Carte Huitrier Pie : Saint Emilionnais


Please order at the beginning of your meal

Granny apple and peanut :

Light apple cream, Manzana smooth heart,
cinnamon crumble, peanut butter icecream.

12 €

Caribbean 66% dark chocolate and Périgord walnuts :

chocolate creamy, Bourbon vanilla mousseline, caramelized walnuts,
bitter cocoa emulsion, Caribean dark chocolate icecream.

12 €

Coffee and Whisky :

Fine Arabica coffee ganache, smooth caramel heart,
Joconde biscuit with cocoa nib, milk jam ice cream.

12 €